Will Holiday Decorations Damage My Lawn?

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With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s coming time for people to start decorating their yards, porches, and homes for their favorite fall and winter holidays. From small displays of carved pumpkins on National Pumpkin Day or on Halloween to the huge inflatable ornaments that will make their appearance for Thanksgiving or winter holidays, everyone has a time-honored favorite way to decorate and celebrate for the season and to make their space their own.

But after putting in work year round to make your yard and gardens beautiful, you might be a little hesitant to install decorations on the grass. You might also be worrying about whether the items can cause damage to your yard, or how to prevent that. Here, we’ll break down the risks of seasonal decorations and the steps you can take to protect your yard and decorate, too—so that one of the time honored lawn traditions doesn’t have to include damage to your outdoor space.

Consider Your Display Options

There are lots of different decorations available for fall and winter holidays – lights, inflatable displays, plastic figures, or stakes that hold decorations in the yard are all options. Some pose a greater risk of harm to your lawn than others—lights, which are often hung directly on the house or railing, don’t pose the same risk as a stake driven into the grass, which doesn’t pose the same potential for problems as a heavy plastic ornament.

Before you get to decorating, weigh your options, and consider if you have areas you’re already planning to reseed in the spring that could be a good spot to place some decorations. Centering the display on a porch or the front steps can also be an option. Utilizing all of the yards’ hardscape areas is also a very good idea. And check all electrical cords and outlets to make sure they aren’t fraying or damaged—a fire could do damage to much more than your lawn. Weigh your risks and benefits no matter what type of display you want, and proceed with safety in mind.

Use a Timer to Cut Down on Foot Traffic

If you plug in decorations—like lights or inflatable displays—every evening, that quick trip across the yard to the outlet probably doesn’t feel like it can add up to much damage to the lawn. But while your yard and patio space should be a place you and your family can enjoy, repeated walking on the same areas can damage the grass.

That’s because walking on the same spot over and over can compact the soil and make it harder for the grass to get the water and nutrients it needs. And during colder seasons—like after the first frost and when any frost or snow remains on the grass—the grass has a harder time bouncing back than it does when it’s warm out. High traffic areas are the perfect place to lay down new walkways and foot paths. 

To prevent this problem before it arises, you can set your decorations on a timer that turns them on automatically. This won’t just protect your grass from the walk across it, but cuts a task out of your evening chores so you can have more time to enjoy with family and friends.

Move Decorations Around To Protect Grass

Whether you’re installing an inflated display or something larger and heavier, it’s not a good idea to leave it in one place for the whole season. That’s because the object can have the same effect on the soil as repeated foot traffic, by compacting the soil and making it harder for grass to thrive in the spring. That object also blocks sunlight from reaching the grass and providing nutrients, and can smother the roots below. That might leave you with an unsightly brown spot in your lawn that can be a reminder of the season long after you’re ready to move on.

So like you would move around toys or hoses during the summer, make sure to move any decorations during the fall and winter regularly, to keep the grass from being damaged and prevent the soil from being damaged. It might be a good idea to avoid extremely heavy decorations, too—even if you move those around, they can be hard on the grass.

Don’t Consider Fall Leaves A Decoration

Seasonal leaves in red, yellow, and orange can be beautiful—when the seasons change, many people admire the beautiful, brightly colored leaves, and family fun or pictures around raked piles of leaves can be a part of family holiday traditions. But make sure that you remove leaves from your lawn promptly—they can actually cause damage.

Those leaves, while light individually, have weight when they’re piled on the grass, and can smother the roots below. They can also block sunlight, and make it harder for the grass to get the required nutrients, and—if they prevent water from draining—can increase the chances of mold growing, something else that can damage your lawn. Consider installing lawn borders and patio pavers to keep your lawn edges neat and tidy. 

So while you enjoy the changing seasonal colors of the leaves, make sure to clean them up, and don’t let them lie on the grass too long. Raking can be a hassle so you might consider getting a professional to recommend landscape updates that require less maintenance. 

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