Using Concrete in Spring Landscaping Updates

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Spring is in the air here in the Mid-South, and with National Gardening Day on April 14th, there’s never been a better time to get outside and take advantage of the warmer temperatures. With nicer weather and the last frost date gone by, it’s the time of year for many gardeners to go to work planting vegetables like corn and okra and flowers like foxgloves and hibiscus. Victory Lawn Care Services and landscaping is available in the Memphis Metro Area, Germantown, and Collierville Tennessee to give you a springtime head start. 

It’s the time of year to start enjoying your outdoor space more often, and to get it ready to enjoy all summer long. For some, that might mean plant installation, while for others, the warmer weather might mean it’s time to focus on landscape design and updates to your space. This can be especially important if you’ve realized that your yard isn’t living up to its potential for the needs of your family.

Maybe as you work on those beautiful gardens, you realize you don’t love walking across your grass on a rainy day, and are thinking about paths or walkways. Maybe you’ve found that a patio would make entertaining easier, or maybe you’re considering how to make use of a space in your lawn where you’re having trouble getting the grass to grow. With affordable options available for outdoor hardscaping ranging in price from low to no limits for materials, Victory Lawn Care and Landscaping keeps labor costs very affordable so there’s something for everyone. But with so many options, where can you start?

One great option is concrete applications—like concrete driveways, walkways, and paths. That might sound odd—concrete might bring up images of cracked sidewalks and industrial buildings. But concrete is a very versatile material with lots of potential and options. Here, we’ll break down how you can update your landscaping with concrete features, and let you know how we can help.

Why should I use concrete in my yard?

When you’re planning landscaping and hardscaping features, you probably want your space to be beautiful and functional—and not to consume all your free time with upkeep and maintenance. You probably also want hardscaping that’s long-lasting and matches your aesthetic.

Concrete fits those criteria—this versatile material is affordable and customizable, so it can be adapted to match your home or existing features. It can be installed quickly, with less labor than laying a natural stone feature, and it’s low-maintenance—while you might need to seal it once a year, this seal can help it to last for years to come.

And even better? Concrete’s affordability means you may be able to accomplish more of your plans for your space than you could if you opted for a more expensive material—and this can be done while still retaining a stylish, luxurious appearance. Making multiple elements around your lawn out of the same material adds a cohesive, planned effect that can make the all-around appearance look more expensive than the actual cost.

How can I update my landscaping with concrete?

As you plan your plant installation and hardscaping projects for the spring season, you’ll have lots of choices to make. Perhaps you want to start your plan with a patio, and expand to a walkway out towards your garden beds and other features—like a dining area, pool, or firepit. A stamped concrete patio might be a great option to provide a sturdy, beautiful surface for gatherings and relaxing, and concrete makes a great material for steps leading up hills to new spaces. But that’s not all you can do with concrete features as you plan your landscaping updates for this year.

For those planning vegetable gardens, you might opt for raised beds or planters made of concrete. A wide-edged planter can offer a place to set a basket or tools while working, too—this type of design element can be multi-functional. And if you’d rather stick with ground-level garden beds, concrete can work great as edging that makes your gardens or walkways look neat and contained while also retaining a natural look.  

A concrete path or walkway can also serve many functions in your yard. While it’s not recommended to pour concrete too close to your trees, don’t see this as a problem—instead, use it as an opportunity. The space between concrete and a tree’s trunk can turn into a shade garden in an otherwise potentially muddy or boring area of your yard.

Or, if you find that your space is primarily full sun, and you are wanting to create a shaded area, a concrete wall or bench can offer a patch of partial shade. This might open up the possibilities for plants like petunias, hostas, and daylilies.

Concrete is also a big feature in many xeriscaping designs, too. This eco-friendly and low-water landscape style often uses concrete to reduce the amount of high-maintenance grass in your space and to create geometric or natural designs with various types of stone and soil.

Choosing hardscaping features to install and picking out your dream plants for your lawn are interconnected processes. As you plan your spring landscaping updates, think about your goals for your lawn, and consider what materials and designs will best help make your lawn into what you want it to be. Considering concrete installations with Victory Lawn Services and Landscaping can be a great way to start planning your project.  

How can Victory Lawn Care Professionals help me?

At Victory Lawn Care Services, we help clients in Germantown, Collierville, and Memphis get their lawns looking great, and keep them looking great and functioning at their best. There’s more to lawn and landscaping updates than plant installation—though that’s an important step—and we’re here to help with everything from regular maintenance to larger hardscaping installations like a concrete patio or retaining wall.   

We aim to make your experience as smooth as possible. We use high-quality equipment—both in the yard and client scheduling and contact software—and our experienced team takes great pleasure in installing hardscaping features that make your yard beautiful and enjoyable for friends, family and neighbors. 

So when you’re looking for a team dedicated to helping you, turn to Victory Lawn Care Services and Landscaping—give us a call at (901) 870-3720 or use our online form to get a free estimate. Move FREE value-added information can be found in our online article library


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