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We at Victory Lawns understand the value of a beautiful landscape for your property. Your lawn says a lot about your home from the outside and deserves to look as nice as it does on the inside. Beyond well-trimmed grass, other features such as flowers, trees, shrubs, and more can help your lawn pop. There are no downsides to investing in the outdoor area of your land, and we know how to handle every service you need to form the landscape of your dreams.

Whether you wish to maintain your shrubs and flowers, add mulch or sod to your beds, or even add landscape lighting, our landscaping additions and impeccable design will service your lawn to help it look its best every time. Contact us today!

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Our Professional Landscaping Services

Landscape Lighting

Professional Outdoor Lighting Install Services in Memphis, TN

Don’t limit the time you spend outside because of the sun! Enjoy your gorgeous landscape with lighting, which also helps your lawn’s safety and appearance.

Landscape Design

Professional Landscaping Design Services in Memphis, TN

We offer customized landscape design blueprints and installation services. We have dedicated, experienced crews that only provide landscaping services. This sets us apart from most maintenance companies!

Flower Bed Design

Professional Flower Bed Design in Memphis, TN

We deliver and prepare the soil, then professionally plant and fertilize each individual flower to ensure its long-term health. We also follow up with flower care by providing flower bed weeding on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Mulch Installation

Professional Mulch Installation Services in Memphis, TN

Mulch is any type of material that is spread over the surface of the soil as a covering. It’s a great way to suppress weeds, moderate soil moisture, and provide nutrients.

Sod Installation

Expert Sod Installation Company in Memphis, TN

Consider sod installation as an investment that saves time and offers convenience. The sod we use is from Arlington, TN farmers who spent at least 18 months producing such beauties. You can see the quality yourself with this link to Winstead Turf Farms.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Professional Tree Pruning Services in Memphis, TN

Your grass isn’t the only staple of your lawn that grows! Trees and shrubs need to be trimmed to keep their neat, appealing appearance.

The Victory Landscaping Difference

We support the mission for our clients to have the best possible landscapes by using only the finest materials and trained professionals that only work with landscaping. We’re not the type of company that uses the same unqualified guys making $10/hour to cut grass as they do to build your new flagstone patio. We make sure that all of our employees are suited for your job and care for your lawn above all else.

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