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In all of our years of service, one question we’ve never been asked is “will having a new hardscape installed increase the appearance of our property?” Everyone knows the benefits hardscaping can provide to a property, from pathways to patios and everything in between. We use the best materials around and employees that came into the company with a passion for hardscaping projects.

At Victory Lawns, whether we’re building a beautiful retaining wall, installing a gazebo, or even adding some water to your landscape, we are the company for your hardscaping projects. There is no one in the area who can care for your property and provide for you the way Victory Lawns can.

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Our Hardscape Services

Retaining Walls

Professional Retaining Walls Company in Memphis, TN

The quality and preparation our guys exhibit is why our retaining walls last you decades. Contact us today to learn more about our process and the dozens of styles to choose from!


Professional Stone Patio Installation in Memphis, TN

Patios are the best way to extend a place for yourself and guests to enjoy the outdoors. There are many styles and forms you can use, depending on your home and landscape.

Outdoor Kitchens

Professional Outdoor Kitchen Installation in Memphis, TN

Running between the kitchen and the yard to prepare food can be such a pain. Bring the kitchen to the outside to make things easier for everyone!

Fire Pits

Professional Outdoor Fireplace Installation in Memphis, TN

Having a well-built outdoor fire pit is important for safely building a fire. Make sure you enlist experts like us to do the job right.

Walkways & Pathways

Professional Backyard Walkway Installation in Memphis, TN

For guests, for yourself, and to break up your lawn, it’s worth it to enlist in walkways around your landscape. We use high quality stone and professionals for installation!


Archway Installation in Memphis, TN

Stone doesn’t need to be limited to the ground around you. Build archways overhead to make every entrance into the yard a journey!


Professional Deck Installation in Memphis, TN

If you wish to have a patio but need some separation from your lawn, a deck can provide the extra height and be a perfect solution to some homes.


Expert Backyard Pergola Installation in Memphis, TN
Rain or shine, a cover when outside never hurts to have. With a gazebo, you can have a roofed place to enjoy the outdoors!


Professiona Pergola Installation in Memphis, TN

To add a bit of shade while keeping some of the sun’s rays, a pergola can be the perfect addition to your yard!

Hardscaping For Victory

Our hardscaping services have been cultivated by supporting the passions of our incredible employees. It’s through their passion that we can provide stellar services for your hardscaping. We’re already well known for our services with hardscaping and our expertise. Retaining walls and hardscaping are popular services that we specialize in! When you trust your hardscaping project vision with Victory Lawns, you can’t go wrong! You can take pride in making the right choice.

Expert Hardscape Installation in Memphis, TN

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