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With the Fall Equinox and start of autumn coming up on September 22, it’s almost the end of summer—even if it doesn’t feel like it yet. While there are many more weeks of outdoor enjoyment left before cold weather drives many people inside, this is a time of year when it’s a good idea to start planning for the cooler months ahead. And that doesn’t just mean making holiday travel plans or sorting out favorite fall activities—it’s a great time to prepare your lawn and gardens for the fall, and set your outdoor space up for success in the spring.

Yes—while lawncare may seem like something restricted to the summer months, when you can often hear lawn mowers and see weeds that pop up among your flowers, a healthy lawn is cared for differently throughout the year, and early fall is a great time to make a plan for fall clean up services or hardscaping projects, and a good time to take steps to help your plants stay as healthy as they can be. Here, we’ll break down some steps you can take to prepare your outdoor space for fall and keep it at its best all year round.

How do I care for my grass in the fall?

While it might seem less important to care for grass as the season when it goes dormant for the winter approaches, fall is a very important season for your lawn’s health. Because of the cool, wet weather in the autumn, the grass’s roots have a chance to strengthen and develop, which will help it to grow thicker and healthier in the spring months ahead.

To help your grass during the autumn, develop a plan to keep cutting it through the whole growing season—that means until the first frost. A professional lawn care company can help you through this season—companies have access to professional-grade equipment not sold to homeowners, and have the experience and knowledge to assess your grass and what strategies will help keep it healthiest. Adjusting the blades of the lawn mower to cut the grass shorter in the late fall might help to keep your lawn at its best—this prevents long grass from becoming matted, while also protecting the roots from colder weather.

A professional company can also help with aeration, a process that helps to break up any compaction in the soil—important because hard ground can make it hard for grass to take root and grow. This process punches holes into the earth with specialized equipment—going through the layer of thatch, or organic material under the grass, and pulling up some of the soil. This is particularly good to do in the fall, because it’s often a good idea to fertilize the lawn after aeration, and fertilizer in the fall can help the roots to stay strong and healthy throughout cooler weather.

What about garden care?

As it gets close to the end of the growing season, you can check in on how your plants did over the summer and see what changes you might make in the spring. A landscape company can help to troubleshoot issues or work out what might be worth an attempt later on—this can also be a time to divide plants that have gotten too big for their allotted space. This can help the plants to thrive—overcrowding doesn’t allow the roots much room to grow.

When annual plants die off, they can be removed. Mulching can help to keep roots warm during cooler months, and depending on your plants and soil, it could be a good opportunity to fertilize the soil—either with store-bought fertilizer or with compost and organic material, which can make the soil more fertile. Remove weeds, and do it thoroughly—this can help prevent them from coming back in the spring!

What other steps can I take?

As leaves start to fall, make sure you rake often to prevent the grass or plants underneath from being smothered by the leaf litter. A professional service with a regular schedule can help spare you the hassle of raking and clearing away leaves. And—as in other seasons—take care to avoid leaving objects on the lawn for long periods of time, and watch for dead areas where foot traffic or wear and tear have left the grass looking less-than-healthy.

Is fall a good time to do hardscaping projects?

As you make the assessment of how your garden and lawn did over the summer, you might also think about your outdoor space and your family’s needs. If you found that a patio would be a great addition to your home, or that one you currently have isn’t serving your needs, the fall is a great time to make plans for hardscaping features, like patios and retaining walls. The cooler weather means that the work isn’t as likely to get in the way of your favorite summer activities, but that the space will still be enjoyable as the weather stays pleasant.

Doing a hardscaping project in fall can also prevent damage to your lawn—grass and plants are more likely to withstand the foot traffic as they go dormant for the year. It also means that you can get a head start on fighting weeds—hardscaping can eliminate some patches of weeds and prevent them coming back in the spring.

How can Victory Lawn Care Services help me?

At Victory Lawn Care Services, we take pride in our team and our work. We’re here to help your outdoor space look its best with lawn care, fall cleanup services, landscaping and hardscaping projects, and more. We’re here to work with you throughout the year to tend to your lawn’s special needs, and to give you the time to enjoy your favorite activities with family and friends, rather than worrying about caring for your lawn. If you’re ready to get started with a project or plan for your yard, give us a call at (901) 870-3720 or use our online form.


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