Planning Your Spring Landscaping

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When the report on Groundhog Day tells folks around the country that we have six more weeks of winter before warmer weather comes, many people might be finding themselves with a bit of cabin fever. Even here in the Mid-South, where we don’t often have lots of snow and ice, the rain and cooler temperatures of winter can be frustrating, especially for those who love spending time outdoors.

But as you wait for spring, there are steps you can take to get ready for gardening in the warmer weather—and one of those tasks is planning your landscaping updates so you are ready to get started on them. Having your plan worked out in advance can help you figure out a timeline, budget, and professional team to get the job done and give you the free time to enjoy your outside space.

But as you’re planning that landscape update, how do you know where to start? Here, we’ll break down some steps to take and places to start—and let you know how Victory Lawn Care Services and Landscaping can help you plan your project in the greater Memphis Metro area including Germantown and Collierville.

Phase One: Assessing

Before you start thinking about flowers and vegetables, it’s time to take a look at your lawn—think carefully about what’s there and especially about why you want to change it. Most likely, that’s because something lacks the personality that you want your space to have, or because something—like a garden—didn’t thrive where it was planted. Think about how to avoid this next time—by doing some research on your climate zone and plants, by talking to a neighbor with an enviable lawn, or by hiring a professional who will have more experience.

Pay attention to which areas get sun and shade, or a mix of the two, and think about the amount and type of upkeep you’re willing and able to do. Deciding on an eco-friendly xeriscape, or drought-resistant, landscape plan can be a good idea no matter where you live—this kind of tough plant has low water needs, which means you won’t need to keep sprinklers running for them. It also means you’ll have less weeding to do, and that you won’t need to add mulch every year.

This is also the time to note any neighborhood rules about where garden beds can be placed or what kind of features you have, and to look carefully at your budget. If you’re considering hardscaping—a great choice, especially in the hot winter months to come!—different stones will be priced differently, and this can be a great time to think about your priorities.

Those priorities will be different for different people—maybe your budget means that you’ll prioritize a patio you can enjoy right away and then work on raised beds for a vegetable garden next year, or maybe the condition of your yard means that you have to prioritize a retaining wall to prevent flooding and erosion and think about other features later. Landscaping doesn’t have to happen all at once and keep in mind that some plants can increase in size and will look different over time. 

Phase Two: Layout and Design

Now that you have a sense of what you want to change and why, you can think about how a new landscape design can address the reasons for those changes. This can be like putting a puzzle together, and it’s often easiest to do it on paper, where you can see the whole lawn at once, rather than just catching visual sections of it while being outside.

It also means that you’ll be able to note which areas get sun and shade, so you can think about how the lawn will work at different times of day, when the sun is at different angles. Placing a delicate flower garden in full sun, or your outdoor dining space in a spot where you’ll be staring straight into the sun during a meal is something you can avoid here.

Since you have your budget planned, you can get to work planning which materials and plants will make up parts of that budget. Clusters of plants—like a shade garden or vegetable garden, for example—can make your spaces flow smoothly, especially when connected to each other and to other features. Paths or uniting features can make your outdoor space as cohesive as your indoor spaces.

As you work on placing hardscaping features where you want them, there are a lot of factors to work out—another good reason to hire a pro, who has seen a lot of plans. Make sure that you’re planning for all types of weather and the changing seasons too—placing a compost bin in the far back corner of the yard might be a great idea, though making sure that you have a way to get there—maybe including steps or a path—will help make that plan work out on rainy or cold days, too.

Remember the front yard, too—while often backyards are the focus of places to hang out, there’s a lot that a garden around your front steps can do to boost your home’s curb appeal and value. The front yard can also be a great spot for improved lighting and paths that turn a muddy shortcut  from the driveway into a safe and tidy way to get to the house.

Phase Three: Let’s get to work!

Now that you have a plan with plants, materials, and locations, it’s time to set your project in motion. If you’re looking for a company that can plan and execute your landscape, install hardscaping features, and keep your outdoor and patio spaces looking great, we’re here to help! At Victory Lawn Care Services, our team takes pride in making your outdoor space look its best—and in giving you back the time you’d otherwise spend on outdoor landscaping and hardscaping projects.

Our team proudly serves the Mid-South, and uses the best technology and equipment to ensure your satisfaction. Ready to get started planning the yard of your dreams? Give us a call at (901) 870-3720 or use our online form to get a quote for your project. Move FREE value-added information can be found in our online article library

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