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Even though summer doesn’t officially begin until the Summer Solstice on June 21, it already feels like summer here in the Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, and Arlington area of the mid-south. With the days getting longer, the temperatures climbing, and school wrapping up for the year, people are finding more time for things they love. Vacations, day trips, afternoons at the pool, and getting to spend more time in your own yard are a big part of the season. Victory Lawn Care and Landscaping would like to celebrate all of the Dad’s and “Father Figures” this 2022 Fathers Day. 

Summer brings in lots of great opportunities for spending time in your outdoor spaces—whether you’re enjoying a cool drink or hosting a big party. One of the biggest draws for warm-weather get-togethers is a cookout or barbeque—preparing some hamburgers, hotdogs, or BBQ on the grill or cooking some s’mores over a fire pit are favorite ways that many families enjoy summer evenings.

Lots of people spend Father’s Day on June 19 having a cookout, especially one with dad and the kids grilling some favorite foods. While the Fourth of July is the most popular holiday for grilling in the US—with a whopping 87% of families preparing grilled meals—Father’s Day joins Memorial Day and Labor Day as one of the next most popular holidays for breaking out the grill.

One of the hassles of cookouts, though, can be the fact that many patios aren’t designed with cooking in mind. Indoors, with access to counters, cabinets, and sinks, it’s easier to get a meal prepared, while outdoors, you might find that you’re missing out on family time as you make trips back and forth, and in and out of the house.

That’s one reason why many people have come to like outdoor kitchen installations. These hardscaping features can provide a big boost in your home’s value, while also making it easier and more fun to hold those summer cookouts. Here, we’ll break down the options that outdoor kitchens can offer, and how Victory Lawn Care Services specializes in doing the landscaping and hardscaping for the perfect outdoor kitchen.  

What exactly is an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen seems pretty self explanatory—it’s a designated place to cook, prepare food, and dine outdoors. But it doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. While indoor kitchens generally include the same kinds of fixtures no matter whose house you’re in—fixtures like a refrigerator, a stove and oven, and a sink—outdoor kitchens are highly customizable, and might include different fixtures and features for homeowners that plan on using their spaces depending on where they live, outdoor terrain, and how much space is available.


That means that someone who likes to grill outside occasionally might opt for a grill with a built-in countertop and sink, while someone who loves to entertain outside as often as possible—even year-round—might pull out all the stops, with built-in seating, grill, sink, cabinets, minifridge, burners, bar, and more. There are lots of variations and options that can help you create an outdoor dining and cooking space that works for your space, budget, and lifestyle.

What are the benefits of an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen can simplify your cookouts and cut down on trips back and forth to the house—letting you spend more time talking to family and friends, and let you keep a better eye on the food you’re preparing. But outdoor kitchens offer more than just this.

An outdoor kitchen can offer you more variety in the meals you prepare—and can keep all of the smells outside. It can also greatly expand your living space, and turn an unused part of your yard into a valuable space for dining and entertaining. And that’s not just for the summer—your outdoor kitchen will help you make more use of your outdoor space through the fall and winter.

Expanded living space, along with more options for entertaining and enjoying time outside, can be a good investment, too. Hardscaping features can boost your home’s curb appeal and value long-term. Even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, an increase in your yard’s function and appearance, just makes you happier.  

Will bad weather damage an outdoor kitchen?

Victory Lawn Care and Landscaping knows that we can get plenty of rain, heat, and cold, here in the mid-South, and those considering an outdoor kitchen installation might worry about hardscaping and kitchen fixtures would hold up to the weather. The good news is that you can design an outdoor kitchen that will hold up to the elements—it just takes professional installation and the right materials. 

That’s because when you’re thinking of a kitchen inside the home, you’re probably thinking of materials like laminate. But the materials you choose for outside will probably be different from those you use indoors. While inside you might love the look of granite or natural stone countertops, you’ll probably want to choose lower-maintenance materials for your outdoor space like poured concrete or heavy tile.

With proper care, steel fixtures and concrete countertops hold up well, and don’t require lots of extra care. A stamped or stained concrete patio can make great flooring, too, as can sealed paver stones.  


A pergola can also be a great option—not only to protect your space from some of the elements, but to offer you a shady retreat from the hot sun, and to make your cooking experience more comfortable. A covering over your space might also make your outdoor kitchen into more of an all-year-round space—it can help make the space warmer in the fall and winter.  

How can Victory Lawn Care Services help me?

At Victory Lawn Care Services, we specialize in hardscaping and stone work projects that make your outdoor space look and work its best. We’re here to help—whether your project involves retaining walls, concrete driveways, garden walkways, or a beautiful outdoor kitchen, we take pride in making your space the best it can be.

Hardscaping features require an installation team with patience and experience, and that’s just what our team brings to you—the skills that will get the job done right. When you’re ready to get started on your project, give us a call at (901) 870-3720 or use our online contact to take the first step towards making the most of your lawn and outdoor space better than the rest, today! More FREE value-added information can be found in our online article library.  


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