Maximizing Use Of Outdoor Space In Fall & Winter

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As temperatures drop and winter approaches, you might find yourself spending more time indoors and less time in the outdoor areas that get so much love during the spring and summer. On days with gloomy weather or too-cold-to-go-outside temperatures, you might be glad to spend that time inside with a hot chocolate. But there will also be plenty of mild days where it seems like a waste of the sun’s rays not to use an outdoor space when you have invested so much money and time, just to look at it through a window. 

Or, maybe you’re considering installing a hardscaping feature during the cooler months—a great decision!—and you don’t want to wait till spring to use it. But just how much can you use your outdoor patio or hardscaped spaces during the colder seasons? Here, we’ll break down how to put these spaces to use well into the fall and winter seasons, and how Victory Lawn Care Services can make your outdoor space functional and fun for your family to enjoy in the Memphis Metro Area.

How might I use my outdoor space in the colder seasons?

That same outdoor space that you enjoyed during the summer is more than a great place to hang out with family and friends—it’s actually a big help for your mental and physical health. Vitamin D from the sun—even the weaker winter sunshine—can help to strengthen your bones, boost your metabolism, and support your immune system. And that sunshine can boost your mood, too, and make you happier and overall just more optimistic about life.

And while experts say that the holiday season in 2021 might look more like a normal holiday than those of the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, outdoor spaces are still a useful way to find more space to host gatherings safely this year—or being outside might even have become part of a new holiday tradition (the 6-foot rule).

What can I do to make my outdoor space more enjoyable during fall?

One of the big things that can detract from making use of outdoor spaces for fun and pleasure during the cooler seasons is the dip in temperature. But remember, summer temperatures in Germantown and Collierville Tennessee can also be unpleasant—and can come with storms, mosquitoes, and humidity that make the outdoors less than appealing! So while in summer you might head outside dressed in skimpy clothes with a cool drink, in the fall, you just need to put on a few more layers and take something hot to hold and sip on.

You should also consider the type of furniture you have outside—if you have metal chairs, for example, add some cushions or blankets to make them warm and comfortable. And an outdoor heater or portable fire pit will provide added warmth to keep you comfortable even while sitting still telling tall tales.

The best thing you can do is to shift your mindset and see your outdoor space as livable area. In the cooler months, you will probably use your outdoor space differently than you do in the summer—maybe heading out earlier in the afternoon for some outdoor games that keep you moving and a 4-5pm outdoor grilled steak, rather than gathering at 6pm for a 9pm outdoor dinner. In much the same way that you use your indoor kitchen differently on a holiday versus a regular weeknight evening. It’s about seeing your outdoor area as a part of your home and making the space functional for the season and your current needs.

What fixtures or features could make my space more enjoyable?

Mosquito candles or torches that provide some light on summer evenings can be replaced with lights in the fall, to make up for the loss of daylight during this time of year. Or, you might opt for a fire pit that provides both light and heat as the sun goes down earlier and gives a nice central focus to your yard (and add value to your home).

You might even think about the fall as you work on your landscaping over the spring and summer months—planting vegetables that you can harvest in the cooler months, like beets, turnips, cabbage, and greens can make it more fun to spend time outside in the yard as you gather them or enjoy an outdoor meal grilling cool weather veggies. You might think about adding walkways to your hardscape design—paths that can allow easy access (without walking through mud) to your garden or features around your yard. These will protect you from walking on your grass and clothes and shoes from getting soiled too.

An outdoor kitchen can help you take advantage of homegrown produce and can take your grill setup to the next level, too—and it might inspire you to keep spending mealtime outside. An outdoor table and bench is made to make the space more enjoyable, and easier to care for—materials that are designed to weather the season and match your style can be a great way to entertain even as it gets cooler.

How can I use my outdoor space for holidays?

Your outdoor spaces can offer a great area to sit, socialize, and enjoy the company of friends or family during holidays—and, if the weather allows, you can move the whole meal outside to take in the fall leaves and crisp air. An outdoor space is also a great place to cook a Thanksgiving turkey in a non-traditional way—just make sure to be aware of safety precautions as you do it.

Yes—you can smoke, deep-fry, or even grill your Thanksgiving turkey—or if your family prefers, a Turducken is a crowd pleasing southern tradition. These preparation methods can even be safer to execute outside—you will need to be sure to set up cooking equipment powered by propane safely away from objects allowing for ventilation. And while a turkey could be deep-fried indoors, doing it outside with extra space around you, the turkey, and the fryer also leaves the indoor kitchen free for other meal preparations.

How can Victory Lawn Care Services help me?

At Victory Lawn Care Services, we do more than care for your lawn all year round. Our team of professionals are inspired to make the most of your outdoor space by designing and building the outdoor space of your dreams. Our custom built outdoor walkways, patios, kitchens, grill spots, and fire pit gathering areas make all your outdoor spaces functional and the envy of your neighborhood. Our professionals have the skills and experience to install retaining walls, hardscaping features, walkways, and other outdoor projects that will make your space usable all year round.

Best of all? Our team loves installing hardscaping, and we take pride in our work—so you can be rest assured our guaranteed projects not only look great, but last well into the future. If you live in the Memphis Metro Area, Germantown, or Collierville and are ready to enjoy your outdoors, use our online tool to tell us about the project of your dreams or give us a call at (901) 870-3720 to get started today.

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