Consider sod installation as an investment that saves time and offers convenience. No need to experience any problems because they are already solved for you! The sod we use is from Arlington, TN farmers who spent at least 18 months to produce such beauties. Here is the link to our sod farm so you can see the quality for yourself! Winstead Turf Farms

    Our Step By Step Sod Installation Process:

    1. Trimming down any existing grass
    2. Cultivating the area with a $60,000 machine! A harley rake is a machine that pulverizes the roots and levels the lawn better and more efficiently than anything on the market.
    3. Once the grass and roots have been removed, we will properly hand-grade the area to make sure there are no low or high spots in the lawn.
    4. Installing the sod. It is important that seams are staggered, as this helps them remain stationary during a heavy rain.
    5. We hand-cut the sod around trees, mailboxes, driveways, etc.
    6. The sod will be rolled with a sod roller. This is done simply to ensure that the feeder roots have good contact with the soil.
    7. Once the job is completed, we will send an in-depth pamphlet with instructions on how to take care of your new sod.
    8. Step back to look at a job well done!

    & Reliable

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    We are fully insured for the protection of your personal property and family against the event of an unlikely incident. If your service provider is uninsured or under-insured and there is an incident at your property it will result in a claim against your homeowners insurance. Not with Victory Lawns!