How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

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In the Mid-South, nicer weather has started to let us know that spring is on the way! While it won’t be spring until March 20, in many places, it’s starting to feel like it already, and with Daylight Savings Time getting closer, it’s staying warm and light longer. And those warmer temperatures have started to draw people outside—and wake up plants that have been dormant during the winter.

As you’ve surveyed your lawn, maybe you’ve wondered how you can help keep your grass, flowers, and trees healthy as the temperatures climb. We’re here to help you get your gardens ready for spring, and keep them looking nice all year long. We’ll break down some ways that you can get your yard ready for spring—and we’ll let you know how we can help.  

What should I do first?

While it might not be glamorous like planting flowers, a yard clean-up is one of the most important steps you can take to help your garden thrive. While keeping after cleanup throughout the year—and taking some steps to prepare for spring during the late winter—can help, there are many tasks made easier by spring growth and temperatures. Pull any weeds that you see, and rake any debris from the garden beds—whether that’s leaves, old mulch, or other bits of organic material.

Clean up the edges of your garden beds, too—this can make it easier to keep up with growth throughout the spring and summer and can keep your yard looking nice. If you’ve made the decision to hire a professional company, make sure you find someone who does more than mow the lawn—at Victory Lawn Care Services, we offer lawn maintenance and leaf removal services in addition to much more.

What other steps can I take?

Early spring is the time to prune some plants—but not all of them. Plants like honeysuckle, roses, wisteria, and Crepe Myrtles bloom from new wood—when the plant grows, the flowers come from the new growth, and old sections can be pruned away. This is great to do in the early spring, because it’s still easy to see the shape of the plant.

However, there are some plants that bloom from old wood—like hydrangea or forsythia bushes. These should not be pruned in the early spring. For those who aren’t sure whether their plant should be pruned, it might be time to call a professional.

What can I do about my garden beds?

If you’re preparing to plant annual flowers or vegetables, early spring is a great time to get the soil ready for new plants. As temperatures warm, it makes it easier to dig into warmer earth, and makes preparing it simpler. As it sits, soil becomes compacted, and makes it hard for plants to take root. To remedy this, till and turn the soil within about a foot of the surface. Big chunks of mud won’t help plants grow—aim for the soil to be crumbly and moist, but not so wet that it will compact again, and not so dry that plants won’t be able to get any water.

Once the soil is ready, it’s time to add nutrients, either with fertilizer or compost. What you add will depend on what you’re trying to grow—vegetables like lettuce only need a bit of fertilizer in the soil, though plants like tomatoes will need a lot more. And there are fertilizers made specifically for different types of flowers—one size doesn’t fit all!

What can I plant?

Before you start planting, you want to make sure that there’s no chance of frost that could kill your plants just as they’re getting started—that’s usually later in the spring, around April 11 – 20 for Memphis, Germantown, and Collierville. In the early spring, though, many things can successfully be planted. If you’re looking to plant a vegetable garden, then lettuce, peas, and rhubarb are great things to start early. You can start carrots from seeds, too.

For flowers, pansies and snapdragons can usually handle a few days of cooler weather as spring temperatures are still unstable. You might start to see daffodils and hyacinths blooming if bulbs have been planted in the fall. It might also be time to start planting bulbs that grow in summer—like dahlias—or planting annual flowers like impatiens, phlox, or zinnias—which could be a perfect family activity for National Plant a Flower Day on March 12!

Should I hire a company to help me?

While experienced home gardeners or confident DIY-ers might have the tools and know-how to get and keep their gardens looking great, there are plenty of people who make the decision to hire a company for their lawn care needs—and for good reason. Tending to grass and plants can be time consuming and expensive if you need to buy and maintain tools.

A professional company, on the other hand, has extensive experience and a variety of tools that often aren’t available to homeowners. These factors can make yard maintenance easier—and hiring a company leaves you plenty of time to enjoy your yard with your family. Spring is a great time to figure out a plan with a company for yard planting, landscape planting or lawn mowing, to make sure you can achieve the lawn of your dreams.

I’m ready to get started! Where should I turn?

If you’re ready to get your lawn in shape—and keep it looking great all year round—we’re here to help. At Victory Lawn Care Services, we serve Memphis, Germantown, and Collierville, and offer lawn care services that keep your space well-maintained and healthy—from mowing grass and laying sod to installing hardscaping or retaining walls.

Our mulching, landscape, and yard cleanup services can get your lawn prepared for beautiful gardens later this spring. Ready to get started? Contact us at (901) 870-3720, or use our online form, and take the first step in getting your garden ready for spring. 

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