How to Prepare for a Healthy Lawn During the Winter

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With the weather outside still decidedly wintery, and the month of February still stretching out before us, spring might seem far away. After all, it will be a few more weeks till walks, bike rides, or spending time in the yard seems pleasant—and it will still be a while before your garden comes to life for the warmer seasons.

But while for now you might be stuck inside planning those gardens that you hope to have in the spring, not every step you can take to get your lawn and gardens looking great this summer has to wait for warmer weather. While there might not be much to see outside, there are steps you can take to prepare for spring—and at Victory Lawn Care Services, we’re here to help all year round.

What steps can you take to get ready for the warmer months ahead? In this article, we’ll break down why it’s important to get some tasks out of the way during the winter months, and how they can help you get a head start on your landscaping this spring.

Yard Clean-Up and Planting

Winter means bare trees and leaves on the ground—and it might mean storms that take down branches and dump them on your lawn. These pieces of debris can be more than eyesores, though—leaving leaves or heavy branches on your lawn all winter can mean that you have to reseed, or plant new grass, in the spring.

To keep your grass protected, healthy, and ready for spring, it’s a good idea to get the leaves off your lawn in the winter, along with any sticks or branches that could kill the grass they’re resting on—leaving these objects in place can cause dead spots that you’ll need to re-plant down the road. And avoid too much lawn traffic—parking vehicles or placing heavy objects on the lawn can damage the grass. Too much foot traffic can damage it, too–stick to the sidewalk or driveway rather than cutting across the grass.

February can be a great time to prune trees (other than maples and birches) and to plant new shrubs or trees. And while it might seem unheard of, dry grass might need to be cut even in the winter—this can lop off any new growth and help remove leaves that have built up.

While you can do these tasks yourself, a lawn care company can spare you the hassle of bagging and disposing of leaves with a leaf-removal service. At Victory Lawn Care Services, we can also help with brush clean-up, land clearing, and other services that can help get your lawn looking great, and help you keep it looking great for spring.


While it might seem like a long time before you can use a new patio or outdoor hardscaped area, winter can be a great time to install these features. After all, if you’re going to have a construction project in your yard, you probably want to do it when you aren’t using the yard as much as you might in spring and summer!

Hardscaping can also be a great way to increase your home’s value—and you can choose paver materials and styles that fit your aesthetic taste and fit your budget. Our highly skilled professionals can install retaining walls, patios, pavers, walkways, and more—all value-boosting features that can be ready-to-use in the spring.

There’s another benefit to hardscaping in the winter—while your plants are still hibernating, they’re less likely to be stressed and damaged by the work required to install hardscaping features or retaining walls than they would be in the spring or summer months.  

Aeration and Dethatching

If you want a healthier lawn in the spring (and who doesn’t?), one way to help your grass get there is a process called aeration. Over time, the soil of your lawn can become compacted—vehicle traffic, foot traffic, or even regular use by pets can cause this. This means that the roots have a harder time getting water, and can’t grow as well as they can in loose soil.

Thatch, or the bits of grass and leaves that build up between the soil and the grass, can also mean that your grass has a harder time growing. The time of year that it’s best to aerate your lawn can depend on the condition of the grass, the type of grass, and the temperature during the season. It might even depend on your type of soil—in areas with heavy soil, aerating can help with much-needed drainage.

If you aren’t sure about whether this is something your lawn needs, a lawn care professional can help you out. If you’re planning to aerate in the spring, now might be the time to set a date—this can make sure that your grass gets taken care of at the best possible time.

I’m ready to get started! Why should I use Victory Lawn Care Services?

At Victory Lawn Care Services, we’re dedicated to our customers—that’s why we seek out the highest-tech solutions and pay our employees the highest wages in the industry in the Germantown, Collierville, and greater Memphis area. Our scheduling software, autopay feature, and limited number of new clients each year mean that we’re there when you call—and we’re on time and there when you expect us.

We’re full insured, and our efficient communication means that you get peace of mind and no added stress during these uncertain times. Whether you’re looking for winter yard services or making a plan for the spring and summer—projects like installing sod, mulching, lawn mowing, or hardscaping—we’re here to help. Your yard should be a beautiful place you can enjoy—not a source of frustration as you try to get in touch with a company and keep it maintained. We’re here to help—give us a call at 901-870-3720 or use our convenient online form to get your estimate.


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