Germantown, Tennessee

While tourists visiting the Mid-South might flock to the big city of Memphis, locals love the quiet, beautiful suburb of Germantown. This area is known for being safe, attractive, and friendly—and for the past fifty years, families looking for a place with great schools and space to be outdoors have made the community their home. In fact, the population has gone from just about 400 people to over 40,000 in the past half-century.


Even as the population has skyrocketed, Germantown has remained a friendly, small town welcoming place to live. Besides the over 75 neighborhood and homeowner associations that help build relationships between the people who live in close proximity to each other, the city abounds in places for neighbors to meet and interact. From historical sites that teach the background of the city to the community theatre, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Events like the Germantown Festival bring people from miles around to the city for food, games, art, music, and more, and local joints like the Germantown Commissary have even created a national draw.


The city takes a lot of pride in its careful development and drive—and it’s not only city officials constantly working to make the city better. In fact, the city’s direction is determined by the Germantown Forward 2030 plan, which was developed by residents to guide the city towards a sustainable future. The city even received the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2019 from the federal government, as a recognition of their continual drive towards excellence.


One of the places where it’s easy to see Germantown’s drive for improvement is in parks and outdoor spaces. The department of Parks and Recreation aims to improve the community by providing space and activities for families to enjoy leisure activities, and with over two dozen parks and other green spaces, there’s plenty of space for people to enjoy.  


The city is also home to the Bobby Lanier Farm Park, an education center that teaches sustainable agriculture and responsible environmental stewardship. It brings people together with the Farmer’s Market, live music, and programs for kids and families. And the city takes pride in the Wolf River, where there’s plenty of space for outdoor fun.


But there’s more that gives Germantown its picturesque quality than the parks, farms, and natural beauty that residents can enjoy: the neatly maintained yards and homes that line the planned streets. When Germantown was founded in the 1960s, city officials wanted to make sure that it became—and remained—a great place for families to enjoy. Since then, the city has worked to keep up those high-quality neighborhoods sustainable by putting city ordinances into practice.


These laws help to keep up the appearance of neighborhoods by setting standards and guidelines to create a neat, orderly appearance in the city. By giving guidance on things like the acceptable height of grass and stipulating who is responsible for caring for and maintaining sidewalks, the ordinances are a big part of what makes Germantown a beautiful and designated place to live.


Germantown’s city ordinances weren’t created to make extra work for residents—they were enacted to keep citizens accountable to each other, and make sure that everyone works together to keep the city looking great. But keeping up with lawn care, like grass cutting, can take time away from the time that you might rather spend enjoying hobbies, taking in the sights of the city, or spending time with friends and family.


That’s where Victory Lawn Care Services can help. We proudly serve Germantown—along with Collierville and Memphis—and offer services that range from basic yard maintenance to hardscaping, landscape planting, leaf removal services, and more. Like the city of Germantown, which takes pride in its constant improvement, we’re also proud of our drive to improve and grow to best serve you. And while we’re proud of our top-notch machinery and software—which help to get your lawn looking its best and always cared for on time—we’re even more proud of our outstanding team, which makes our services possible.


Our high wages, excellent communication, and top-notch community mean that we have some of the lowest employee turnover in the area—and that consistency helps us to maintain your lawn at a high quality and for a fair price. If you’re ready to get started on a project, or ready to create a plan to get your lawn looking great, drop us a line online, or give us a call at 901-870-3720. We’re here to help!

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