Better Today Than We Were Yesterday; Not As Good Today As We Will Be Tomorrow

Here’s What Sets Us Apart

•Fully Insured, Non Smoking, Drug Tested, Professionals, With Hours Of On  The Job Training

•Same Day Estimates and Efficient Communication Between You, The Office, and Our Field Crews

•All of your Invoices and Estimates Are Saved In Your Online Portal and Can Be Paid With Credit Card

           Services Offered


                        Spring & Fall Clean-Up

                             Sod Installation

                     Landscape Design/Install

                     Landscape Maintenance


                         Pressure Washing

Cities Served:

  1. Memphis

  2. Germantown

  3. Collierville

Why You Will Love Victory Lawn (in our words)

We are fully insured for the protection of your personal property and family against the event of an unlikely incident. If your service provider is uninsured or under-insured and there is an incident at your property it will result in a claim against your homeowners insurance. Not with Victory Lawns!

Have you ever worried that your lawn care provider might not be around long term to back their warranty and guarantee? Victory Lawns is a  six-year-old company that is debit free, fiscally conservative, profitable company with some of the lowest team member turnover in the industry.

Why You Will Love Victory Lawns (in the words of our clients)

  • Type in Victory Lawns in google and see all of our reviews, in fact we have more 5 star reviews than 98% of all other companies.
  • See all of our reviews in angie’s list and Yelp!
  • Over 750 of your neighbors trust us on their properties and around their families.
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Josh Roberts
3 weeks ago
I have used several other companies in the past but, was always having to check up on them making sure they were coming ect.. What i like about victory lawns is i met with the estimator one time and they show up at my house each and every week to mow my lawn. Whenever i need other projects don’t i just email or call them and they are prompt to schedule them. I recommend their service.
George Johnson
2 weeks ago
Great job. Shrubs, grass and clean up all great.
The staff were neat, friendly and on time.
Sandra Ford
2 weeks ago
Colton Johnson and his staff are very hard working- customer oriented and do an excellent job taking care of your lawn needs. I would highly recommend this company.
Bonnie Blair
2 weeks ago
Victory Lawn Service has put down sod and done trimming of boxwoods and other shrubs for me and I have been very pleased with their work, their care of my property,. showing up on time and their prices.
Meera Krishnan
2 weeks ago
very professional, excellent service. My lawn is always the best in the neighborhood.

Curious why so many of your neighbors use Victory Lawns?

Paula Denbow

2 weeks ago
Victory Lawn does a wonderful job. my neighbors like my yard so well, that they came over and hired Victory Lawns as well. Victory lawns always takes the time to give me suggestions, they even did a layout of a proposed flowerbed in my backyard. Love this service!!

Karlee Wakeley

2 weeks ago
“Great people. Great service. Great price. Highly recommend!”
Karlee Wakeley

Poppy Underwood

2 weeks ago
“I’ve been using Victory Lawns for at least 5 years. They are always on time and do what they say they are going to do. Very professional. Easy to pay invoices online as well. I will continue to use their service!” 
Poppy Underwood

Edward Johnson

2 weeks ago
“I was very impressed by the amount of work that Victory was able to do in just one day! A years worth of leaves picked up, lawn mowed, shrubs pulled out, etc. And they left my property looking immaculate. I would highly recommend their services.”
Edward Johnson
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Memphis Lawn Company

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care isn’t easy, nor do many folks have the time (or energy) to put into their lawns anymore. However, the hard part isn’t finding someone that will cut your lawn. It’s finding a lawn care company that individualizes their customers by taking their needs and wants into consideration, while implementing a solid scheduling structure to ensure they’ll never miss an appointment.

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Curb appeal is a great way to make a memorable, eye-catching view of your home, and it’s nearly essential when you’re ready to sell your property. Victory Lawns will keep your landscape looking healthy and vibrant, and while you’re not only increasing the value of your property, you’re also encouraging potential buyers to take a closer look at your home.

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Debris Cleanup

Tree branches, grass, leaves, trimmings – no matter the lawn debris, we can handle the pickup. We offer seasonal Fall and Spring cleanup options to properly clear and clean your lawn up, making an incredible difference in the appearance of your home. Don’t over-exert yourself or try to squeeze it all into a weekend. Give us a call for an easy, hands-down guaranteed lawn debris removal appointment.

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How To Choose The Best Lawn Care Services Company In Memphis, Germantown And Collierville,TN

Choosing the perfect best lawn care company for you can turn into a beautiful long-term arrangement. Perhaps you just need a company’s services this one time, but you still want to make sure you hire the best. What you do next is important because you want your lawn and landscape looking great. How do you make sure you hire the best lawn care services company in your area?

The first thing you have to decide is what you want to be done. You might add some services as you get to looking around and talking to companies, but you still want to have an idea of what you want to be done. Companies out there offer all different kinds of services, and knowing what you want is going to help you match up with the best lawn care service.

After determining what you want to be done, you are going to start looking at the different companies in your area. It is essential to understand that you do get what you pay for, so be prepared to do your due diligence. You don’t have to dig too deep, but you want a good look at the available companies for sure.

If you know someone who uses a lawn care service, you can also get a reference ahead of time. This might point you in the direction of the best company that can help you. If you don’t, however, you are going to be asking for references when you speak with the companies. This is an essential step because you can even see exactly what you might expect if they were to provide their services to you. That will certainly put you at ease.

The company you plan to hire should be willing to inspect your lawn and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. Of course, you are looking to hire the company, but you still want to be sure that you can get this estimate. That is a sign that you are dealing with a company of professionals that take their business seriously.

Furthermore, once the inspection and free estimate are both provided, what the company agrees to do for you should be put in writing. It doesn’t take a lot of work to have a written agreement, so make sure that the professionals you hire are willing to do that for you. If not, then you will find a company that will. Realize, too, that you get what you pay for, so you want to focus on hiring the professionals that will do the best job.

That price quote for lawn care services is indeed essential, but your lawn is what’s most important. You want a job well done, and again, you get what you pay for. You might not need all the services that a company has to offer, but that’s why you are going to start with the first step and decide what you do need. Then you can begin to start checking out which company in your area that you might hire to take care of your lawn and landscape.