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Paula Denbow

Victory Lawn does a wonderful job. my neighbors like my yard so well, that they came over and hired Victory Lawns as well. Victory lawns always takes the time to give me suggestions, they even did a layout of a proposed flowerbed in my backyard. Love this service!!

Karlee Wakeley

“Great people. Great service. Great price. Highly recommend!”

Poppy Underwood

“I’ve been using Victory Lawns for at least 5 years. They are always on time and do what they say they are going to do. Very professional. Easy to pay invoices online as well. I will continue to use their service!” 

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Why Victory Lawns Is Different

Our Client is Priority

Putting a solution in place for the all-too-common complaint of missed appointments allowed the staff at Victory Lawns to take time to invest in the proper equipment and tools necessary to properly maintain local landscape. After eliminating one of the biggest problems in our industry, we made it possible to individualize each landscape and attend to our clients' specific needs.

How Victory Lawn Care Services Can Help You With Your Landscaping Needs In Germantown, Tennessee

Here at Victory Lawn Care Services, we understand that landscape maintenance can be time-consuming and require a lot of planning. Whether it’s redesigning your hedges so you won’t have to trim them as often or figuring out which low maintenance flowers would go perfectly with your newly bought garden gnomes, our local Germantown landscape company will help YOU keep your yard evergreen and low-maintenance all year round.

Besides installing and removing plants, we also work with you to design layouts of your dreamt about flowerbeds to make sure that they cohabitate will with all of your other plants involved to synergize with one another’s growth patterns. In addition, we can guide you in the type of bedding to use.

For example, when the time comes for you to decide how much mulch would be needed to cover your garden, we will be able to let you know exactly how much mulch is too much and what is just right. This is important because while a little bit of mulch can help your plants retain moisture; too much can cause fungus and rot root to grow.

In addition, we can also pick up and remove leaves, which we recommend on a regular basis now that fall is just right around the corner.

Finally, since our staff is well trained in trimming all sorts of trees, hedges, shrubs, and other plants, we can certainly help you prune your plants at the right time of year for optimal plant health and growth.

We will also check to make make sure that no unwanted plant disease or insects are infecting your plants. It is essential to check your plants early because the disease or insects from one plant can spread all over your beautiful yard, causing your poor leafy friends to get sick.

No need to hire landscape contractors and landscape gardeners! Just give Victory Lawn Care Services a call because we can work with you and your pocketbook to help you and your lawn and garden become beautiful and evergreen all year around.