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A Look Inside Victory Lawns

Revolutionizing the Lawn Care Industry

  • By using best scheduling software we keep up with our daily routes, which means no more missed lawns, we show up on time!
  • We heavily invest in skilled professionals so the job is done right the first time.
  • Not only do we believe in a professional staff, we also invest in our equipment. Having quality tools allows us to stay on schedule by having minimal breakdowns.
  • Nobody likes to wait that’s why we always make sure someone is there to answer your call when you need us.
  • We make it easy with online payments!
  • Each year we only accept a certain number of new customers, this allows us to focus on each individual and not over extend ourselves.
  • Yes! Each one of our team members are fully insured and pay taxes.
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About Us

Victory Lawns Has Been Looking For Ways to Be “Different” Since Day One.

Before we had a reputation for great customer service and excellent quality, we had to find a way to convince potential clients to give us a try. So, we implemented The Guarantee – not just any guarantee, anyone can say “satisfaction guaranteed.” We got specific, put it in writing, posted it on our website and made it bold! Seriously, name another lawn company that guarantees (in writing) your complete satisfaction with every service call! And if anything about that service disappoints you, the company will immediately fix the issue at their expense without argument, complaint, or excuse. And after attempting to fix your concern, you were still dissatisfied, they would (without argument), pay another lawn care company of YOUR choosing to fix your concern.

Hard To Imagine

We are one of the few companies who enforce a 100% legal work force. Crazy as it sounds, we actually answer the phone lines every time our clients call! We actually get out of the office and out of our trucks to work with our teams and properly train them. We discuss safety and communication – we don’t just hire new employees, hand them the keys, and just hope they drive safely or trim your shrubs correctly.
No – we re-train every new hire to our standards, and to put it simply our standards are tough. Many times, we’ve had potential employees not make the cut because we do a vigorous training regime and require them to maintain our standards – only the great ones make it.
When we started Victory Lawns, all we knew to do was to take unusually good care of our clients. A great many clients have sent us hand-written notes of appreciation, and we frequently receive quick email notes saying thank you! We serve hundreds of happy customers in the Memphis/Collierville area. My guess….it’s because our team is made up of uncommonly good people who care about doing good business!

Our Lawncare Services

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Interested in a lawn service we provide? We offer free quotes! Even if you don’t see a service you’re looking for, give us a call. A friendly professional will be able to answer any questions you might have.

what others say about us

  • “Never have to worry about if they’ll show up, always make my lawn look great. Have recommended to many others and appreciate the work they’ve done.”
    Charlie Kauler
  • “We have been using victory lawns for 3 years and to this date they have not missed one weekly cutting. They will be the first and last company I will ever have to hire!”
    Kathy Nickles
  • “We needed our flowerbeds mulched before our family came in town for the weekend, I called victory lawns last minute and they were out working on Friday morning, couldn’t be happier with their service!”
    Paula Brown